With your Kroger Plus Card you can add Leigh Anns Horses for Attachment as your charity for every $1 spent Krogers will donate funds to our Organization! Just go to your Kroger Plus account and sign in and add LAHA! Thank you!


Using GoodSearch if you register with them online you sent Leigh Anns Horses for Attachment as your charitable donator and use them as your search engine and for every search they donate to LAHA.




Using sign up with them and when you shop online use igive and they make donations to Leigh Anns Horses for Attachment. example when you shop with Amazon make sure you are set up with igive and LAHA will get a portion of your total shopping. iGive will tell you how much percentage will be given.



Check out and search Leigh Anns Horses for Attachment.  With each one of these if you sign up this will be helping LAHA!  Thank You All so Much!! From LAHA Family